• —Kamran Loghman M.A., MCTC <br>  Executive Director, National Institute For Alcohol
    For anyone looking for a great graphic designer or videographer, I highly recommend that you first give Mr. Don Summers a try for he will become a benchmark by which others need to perform.
    —Kamran Loghman M.A., MCTC
      Executive Director, National Institute For Alcohol
  • —Pamela Zacha<br>  Director of Marketing, Nimbus Communications, Inc.
    This talented design guru has not only solved many of my creative problems, he’s helped me think through ideas, solve complex production issues, and meet challenging dead-lines without the loss of hair or valuable dollars. Every job that I’ve given him (and many were on short notice) has been beautifully designed and executed as well as on time, on-target and within my budget requirements.
    —Pamela Zacha
      Director of Marketing, Nimbus Communications, Inc.
  • —Nicole Ashby<br>  Editor, National Transportation Safety Board, Marine Division
    Working with S2 Design Lab has been one of the highlights of my job as the editor of a government newsletter. S2 injected life into our bureaucratic publication, giving birth to a much more contemporary and dynamic newsletter that has drawn considerable praise from our diverse readership and staff.
    —Nicole Ashby
      Editor, National Transportation Safety Board, Marine Division
  • —Liamar Young<br>  President, TNL Enterprises, Inc.
    I have known and worked with Don Summers and S2 DesignLab for over 8 years. Having been in marketing for 18 years and now an entrepreneur, I’ve had experienced my share of designers, but no one can compare with S2’s capabilities, professionalism and ethics.
    —Liamar Young
      President, TNL Enterprises, Inc.
  • —Kathleen M. Held<br>  Director of Marketing & Business Development, Cini-Little International, Inc.
    I wanted to take a moment to thank you and S2 for the outstanding job you have done on redesigning Cini-Little’s website. We have received numerous emails from our clients and potential clients telling us how great our redesigned website looks–thank you.
    —Kathleen M. Held
      Director of Marketing & Business Development, Cini-Little International, Inc.
  • —Jayne Trentanove<br>  Director of Marketing, TKF Foundation
    Don's skills as a designer and videographer are unsurpassed. He has a keen, discerning eye, pays attention to detail and delivers an elegant , as well as an edge to the final product. I have rarely had to ask for additional concepts after receiving the initial ones—he's always THAT on target and on message.
    —Jayne Trentanove
      Director of Marketing, TKF Foundation
  •  —Brian Dean<br>  Owner, Dean Creative
    Don Summers is an exceptional designer, marketer, thinker, problem solver, and partner. He routinely goes the extra mile and challenges you to think outside the box. The result: highly creative work at a much greater value.
    —Brian Dean
      Owner, Dean Creative
  • —Shirley Ward<br>  Director of Marketing, CHEMetrics, Inc
    We’ve worked closely with S2 DesignLab for many years and value the consistent quality provided with each project.  S2’s creative design skills showcase our products in the most complimentary way, whether through printed material, web design or video production.  It can be a challenge to make our industrial products look exciting, but S2 gets us!
    —Shirley Ward
      Director of Marketing, CHEMetrics, Inc
  •       —Carolyn Cukierman<br>  Project Lead, Consult CLC
    Don is  reliable, dedicated and  upbeat. Don  multitasks effectively and is able to handle a  high-volume workload. He  consistently thinks on his  feet and is able to  distill volumes of information  into creative, meaningful, empathetic designs that  capture the essence of the message. His  expertise in creative design is  well-regarded. He is thorough and has an  unwavering commitment to exceeding  customer expectations.
    —Carolyn Cukierman
      Project Lead, Consult CLC

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